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Casa Mission Restaurante

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PARRILLA MISSION is a 100% Mexican cuisine restaurant, the house specialty is tacos, however, it also offers a large variety of local dishes and seafood.

The local people recommend it by its exquisite taste and affordable prices.

Rise and Shine! The PARRILLA MISSION offers breakfast from 7:00 a.m. until noon, serving 5 different entrees like "comida corrida" and the option to order a la carte. From 18:00 p.m. the food bar for side dishes and the house specialty - THE TACOS - become available.

Your visit to Cozumel is incomplete if you don't eat TACOS at THE PARRILLA MISSION.

Casa Mission Restaurante
Casa Mission Restaurante

We have homemade food of great quality and typical from the region. You can eat here just like at home and be part of the MISSION family. The plates that you can find in PARRILLA MISSION are the following:

  • Pollo en Mole (Chicken in Mole sauce)
  • Chile Relleno (Stuffed poblano peppers)
  • Guisado de Res (Beef)
  • Guisado de Pollo (Chicken)
  • Guisado de Puerco (Pork)

You can enjoy all our services in the comfort of your home with free delivery by calling 869-2463.

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